Insanity Reviews


Yes it is exactly like it sounds.  I am an athlete.  Growing up I was in tons of sports from swimming, to baseball, to soccer.  I’ve been a Health and P.E. Teacher and a Firefighter Paramedic.  That being said I know how to workout and have plenty of physically demanding jobs.  Doing this workout simply is INSANE.  As you may have found me through my Google + page I was able to do this workout live with Shaun T himself, running around getting in peoples faces.  I was nervous to say the least and was quite happy he wasn’t looking at me because it was tough…granted it was 1 of 2 other workouts I did that day back to back, but still it was hard.  Don’t be discouraged though…it is the kind of difficult workout that leaves you wanting more.  I instantly went out and bought the clothes because I just enjoyed the workout so much I had to share it with other people.  So if you are excited to get started like I was get it here. <—Click those words to get your copy of Insanity.

Get ready to sweat

You will want a towel, and some water.  You are going to sweat for certain, and make sure to know yourself.  Don’t overdo it.  This program is hard and you want to push yourself, but you’ll have 60 days to get in the best shape of your life so make sure that you are ready to mentally push yourself responsibly.  It can be more fun with a friend too so make sure to check out ways to hook up with friends such as through meetups, or Super Saturdays.  I personally had the desire to become a coach and help others, so that has really motivated me.  I also like to workout with the whole family, but my wife is my favorite to work with because we like to tease each other.