Body Beast Reviews

Body Beast

This has to be my most favorite program.  You can get it here by clicking this —>link<— You will not regret getting this program.  I went from weighing about 185 lbs to sitting right about 205 lbs muscle too!  I did so well on the program I immediately entered the first Body Beast Classic which consisted of a normal physique type competition.  It was pretty cool and fun.  At the end of the Beast book you have a plan for getting competition ready which I did.  i even got the spray tan which was pretty cool.  I met a really cool guy at the spray tan booth, Jimmy Hays Nelson, but that is another story.  This program speaks for itself.  As you may have read I have been into lifting weights for working out for about 17 years now.  That being said I really enjoy going to the gym.  I just got into this program to kind of help my wife out (who lost 70 lbs on Turbo Fire) You can check that out on her page.

My Body Beast Experience

So as I stated above i started working out to this DVD program, kind of kicking and screaming (inside my head) doubftful to say the least.  But I consider myself an open minded guy so I decided to purchase Body Beast and get started.  Even though I thought these DVD Richard Simmons workouts were lame and mainly for women.  My wife bribed me by agreeing to purchase my own set of dumbbells!  Now that got me excited.  I did and never looked back…


I thoroughly enjoy working out and lifting weights is so much fun…Makes you feel manly, so I started following the book, ate the meals, did my measurements and started implementing myfitnesspal into the mix.  See my review of that here.  Anyway it has been one awesome life changing experience.  As I mentioned I gained 20 lbs of muscle and have been a raving fan of the program ever since.  it is now a couple years later that I am writing this post and I still routinely do the workouts.  I have since modified the schedule a bit (some days I add in a little T25, or Brazil Butt LIft) but for the most part I follow the routine pretty closely.  I competed in the Boby Beast Classic and got a taste of how to prepare for a physique competition.

I Became a Coach

So I became a “coach” which is basically a person who helps other people in their workout journey.  Lets face it working out for a week consistently can be hard.  After a while it becomes a habit, and even that is hard.  It’s like everything in life.  It’s new and fun but then the “honeymoon” phase ends and it becomes work.  Or at least to some people.  It’s at that point that you begin to want to slack, doubt yourself, or even just quit.  That is what a coach is there for, to get you through that period.  That just about happens to everyone unless you are Superhuman!  Which is cool too, but you still want a coach as a friend or accountability partner to keep you motivated in other areas of your life.




While on the Body Beast program you’ll probably want to follow book to the letter, like I did, just to make sure you get the results they say are possible in the program.  Get those here.  I gained 20 lbs of muscle and got toned for sure.  Check out my before and after here at