Day 4 of My P90X3 journey


It’s On now!

Ok so I am not the greatest at finishing everything.  I’ve had a lot of jobs…but now I’m rocking the businesses and why not have 3?  Beside the fact that I am enjoying all my businesses even though I work harder at them than jobs, I truly enjoy my life.  All that little backstory being said I plan on sticking out this next 90 days on P90X3!  I started it a while back…about 2 years ago and never really went all the way through, I don’t remember why I stopped I just did.  Either way I’m back at it and now I don’t see myself stopping.  It is day 4 and I am simply enjoying this program a lot…I mean a LOT!  I can’t believe how great I’m feeling; how challenging the moves are, but also how enjoyable it is…Special thanks to my wife who is helping keep me accountable.  Do you need accountability? Come join me in this group.  You can do P90X3 with me, or another program, but it will be fun.  I am straying away from doing the “normal challenge group” as it is called where you post in everyday on Facebook etc.  I don’t really enjoy doing that, and if you’ve done one before you might not enjoy posting on FB everyday either.  Click the picture above to go to the P90X3 page to find out more and then purchase, or just message me on facebook.

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