Outside fitness

Get your workout in, outdoors

My wife really enjoys working outside.  Sometimes she likes to really sweat it out working in the garden, or around the ranch.  She likes to say that you can get your daily dose of vitamin D and a little detox while sweating out, and of course moving your lymph by moving around.   Of course in Arizona it is also really hot right now so all of this is easy to do year round.  Now that it is getting cooler outside, I am really enjoying outside chores in the morning.  I am also a beekeeper so when I throw on my bee suit it is pretty much instant that I have a lot of sweating ahead of me.  Beekeeping in Arizona can be particular hard since it is so hot outside.   Then there are trees that need to be tended to, and helping in the garden is fun too.  That being said, I can’t always get a workout in, but when I don’t I try to make it a routine to get something active done outside.  There is so much that can be done, walking around on a break, walking the dog, or just reading a good book in the sun, are all some ways to get outside and get  a little workout in too.

A little story to inspire you.  So 7 months ago my wife was looking to move out into a place in Scottsdale AZ.  We have a ranch house way out West and I was on the ambulance working as a paramedic when my position moved me out into the East Valley.  She was actively looking, even for an apartment.  So we ended up getting a small place and have been there ever since.  After we decided to move back 100% of the time to the ranch instead of splitting the time 50/50 (since I had quit the ambulance job) She noticed how happy she was feeling on the farm.  She pointed it to the fact that she was outside more often, she was getting sunshine, and she didn’t feel cooped up as she did in the city.  That all being said I hope you are inspired to take time every day to get outside especially now that it is cooling down.  For more interesting ideas google search ways to get outside and workout, or check out a workout program if you are already outside enough.

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